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At AR Equipment, we leverage over 30 years of combined experience in the earthmoving industry, offering innovative and durable excavator attachments.
Our diverse product range and commitment to quality and innovation set us apart.

Quality Excavator Attachments

Built for Excellence

For over a decade, AR Equipment has been at the forefront of designing high-quality excavator attachments, crafted to enhance the versatility and reliability of your machinery. Our attachments are built to prevent costly downtime, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruption.

Whether you’re choosing your first excavator bucket or adding a precise rotating grab to your fleet, AR Equipment offers solutions tailored to meet your needs. Explore our range of durable, purpose-fit gear and discover how our attachments can save you time and money.

Excavator Grabs

The Pinnacle of Versatility and Strength

The AR Equipment excavator grab range delivers unparalleled versatility and strength, ensuring you find the perfect attachment for your specific needs. From lightweight timber grabs ideal for delicate tasks to heavy-duty rotating demo grabs designed for rigorous activities, each model in our lineup is crafted to simplify your operations. Discover how our excavator grabs can enhance efficiency and adapt seamlessly to your working environment.

Hydraulic Log/Rock Grabs

Our original design, built for reliability, encompasses a range of sizes suitable for various excavator weights. These grabs are perfect for handling logs, rocks, and other materials, providing a secure grip every time.

Rotating Grabs

Ideal for more complex tasks, our rotating grabs offer versatility and increased functionality, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including demolition, timber, and stone handling.

Grab buckets

Offering the versatility of a grab combined with the capabilities of a bucket the AR Equipment Grab Buckets provide the ideal solution for almost every situation.

Demolition Grabs

Perfect for  demolition, land clearing and general heavy duty C&D tasks the AR Equipment Rotating Demolition grab will make the ideal  attachment for your machine.

Excavator Buckets

Engineered for Efficiency

AR Equipment offers a diverse range of excavator buckets designed to suit nearly any task imaginable. From general purpose trenching buckets to specialised options like sieve buckets and tilting mud buckets, our entire catalog is crafted to maximise the efficiency and versatility of your machines.

General Purpose (GP) Buckets

Our GP buckets are designed for balance, strength, and value. Available in various sizes, they’re ideal for trenching and general digging across civil and general-purpose environments.

Specialised Buckets

From sieve and mud buckets to specialised attachments for specific tasks, our buckets are tailored to meet the unique demands of your projects, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

A range of Sieve Bucket Sizes on the ground infront of a building.

The AR Guarantee

We care about our products and you!

Quality You Can Trust
Our commitment to quality is evident in every product we craft. Using superior steel and cylinders, our attachments are not only durable but also outlast and outperform the competition.
Innovation at our Core
We constantly innovate, taking products like the humble rotating excavator grab and improving it to offer better grab functionality, increased protection.
Service That Goes Beyond
Our relationship with you extends beyond the sale. We provide exceptional service and support, including stocking spare parts for all our attachments and enabling servicing and repairs.

Why Us

Why Choose AR Equipment?

Industry Knowledge
Leveraging decades of hands-on experience.
Quality Products
Durable, reliable, and built to last.
Stock Availability
Wide range of products, readily available.
Innovative Design
Continually improving and developing new solutions.
Exceptional Service
More than just sales, we offer 24/7 support.
Local Business
Proudly Australian, understanding local needs.

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Customer Testimonials

Our products have been praised for their quality, performance, and competitive pricing, with positive feedback from companies like Hitachi Construction Equipment and Zebra Metals.

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