AR Equipment’s Hydraulic Excavator Grab Buckets are engineered for strength and versatility, ideal for demolition, recycling, and civil applications. Featuring durable Hardox 500 and 460nm plates, these grab buckets excel in harsh conditions.

Discover unmatched strength and versatility with AR Equipment’s Hydraulic Excavator Grab Buckets, an essential tool for professionals in the construction industry. Tailored for excavators, these grab buckets are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of demolition, recycling, and civil construction tasks.

Robust Construction for Extreme Durability

Our grab buckets for excavators stand out with their Hardox 500 plates in high-wear areas, ensuring unparalleled durability. The body, constructed from robust 460nm plates, guarantees long-lasting performance even in the most challenging environments. This superior build quality means you can tackle demanding tasks with confidence, knowing your equipment is built to last.

Versatility Across Applications

Designed for versatility, these grab buckets for excavators excel in various applications. From demolishing sturdy structures to handling complex recycling processes, and managing civil construction projects, these buckets handle it all. They are particularly effective in removing tough footings, dealing with intricate root systems, and transporting large rocks, enhancing efficiency in every task.

Precision and Efficiency in Design

Our grab buckets for excavators are not only strong but also intelligently designed for maximum efficiency. The balance between weight and strength ensures a powerful grab without adding extra burden to your excavator. This design translates into faster, more precise operations, allowing you to complete tasks more efficiently and safely.

A Reliable Asset in Your Construction Fleet I

nvesting in our Hydraulic Excavator Grab Buckets is a decision for reliability and excellence in construction. These buckets are more than just attachments; they are a key component in your quest for operational efficiency and effectiveness in various construction scenarios.

Your Partner in Construction Excellence

Choosing AR Equipment’s Hydraulic Excavator Grab Buckets means investing in quality, efficiency, and reliability. These grab buckets are more than just an attachment; they are a partner in your construction endeavors, ready to elevate your operations to new heights.



Hydraulic Excavator Grab Buckets

$2,750.00 $10,990.00 ex-GST

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Category: Excavator Grabs

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Key Features

  • Combination attachment offering a great all-rounder
  • Wide opening grab thumb
  • Weighted well for the machine class

Hydraulic Excavator Grab Buckets

$2,750.00 $10,990.00 ex-GST