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For land moving, construction and demolition companies, finding earthmoving attachments that fit your excavator makes an enormous difference when working for your clients. Whether you need a log grabber, rock breaker, or excavator buckets, it can be challenging to find companies that offer the perfect accessories for your requirements. Depending on the demands of your project and your budget needs, at AR Equipment we can help you get excavator attachments that fit all your construction or earthmoving requirements. Working across industries, and with years of professional experience in the field of construction and demolition, our know-how will ensure you are getting the highest quality equipment. With everything from rock breakers to hydraulic grab buckets on offer, we will surely have whatever it is your earthmoving or demolition company needs.

The Benefits of Our Earthmoving Attachments for Melbourne Companies

There is quite a variety of benefits to be gained from utilising our earthmoving attachments in Melbourne. For instance, our specially designed single ram log grabs offer high power, protected cylinders. Its different than other log grabs, which tend to use twin ram grabs, which have vulnerable hoses and cylinders. As such, our log grab excavator attachments tend to hold up longer and are far more durable than others, ensuring you are well protected when working on your projects.

With our hydraulic rock breakers, we give you a twelve-month warranty, so that you can rest assured before investing in one. This way, if your rock breaker fractures or is not right for the jobs you are doing you can always bring it back to us. Built to last, and stronger than others on the market, our rock breakers help you get the job done, no matter where you are.

We also offer an extensive range of excavator buckets in Melbourne and other areas. With Mud Buckets, that are ideal for working in tough terrains, Hydraulic Grab Buckets, which work for moving features like rocks and stones, and Sieve Buckets, which filter out sand and mud, we have a variety of buckets perfect for your excavator.

All our equipment come backed with our repair services, and we carry spare parts for nearly everything. After investing in our attachments, we will be there whenever you need us and have extensive knowledge of excavator attachment repair and service. This way, purchasing an attachment from us isn’t a once-off transaction, but a relationship between our companies.

Contact Us For Your Excavator and Earthmoving Attachments

Whether you need rock breakers, log grabs or excavator attachments in Melbourne, working with us, is the wise decision. If you work in land moving, demolition or construction, get in touch with us to see how we can help your company. With a variety of services and attachments available for excavators and earthmovers, we will have all your land moving needs covered.




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