The Benefits of Scrap Metal and Hydraulic Magnets and Where to Find Them for Sale

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Hydraulic and scrap metal magnets are a vital tool for scrap yards, recycling plants, and construction needs of all sorts. They help move large metal items for removal purposes and can even aid in the organisation and sorting of recycled goods. When looking for scrap metal magnets, it’s important to keep your project’s demands and the location where you will be using them in mind. There are significant differences between getting a scrap or hydraulic magnet, and it is essential to distinguish between these before investing in one. At AR Equipment, we work across all sorts of construction and demolition industries and we will undoubtedly have a scrap magnet for sale that works for you.

Where and When Can a Scrap Metal Magnet Be Used?

Those looking for a scrap or hydraulic magnet for sale should know where and when these magnets can be used before purchasing one. Most of the magnets we provide are quite versatile and used across a variety of demolition and construction needs. Here are just a few common uses and reasons to purchase our scrap metal magnets for sale.

  • Scrapyard Work: For those working in scrapyards, hydraulic magnets help move large pieces of scrap metal across your property for removal purposes. The high powered magnet attracts large pieces of scrap metal, and those skilled in operating an excavator can quite easily move metal around while utilising one. This is a great option for those needing to get pieces of metal or large items from one place to another effortlessly.
  • Recycling Plants: With many scrap metal magnets for sale, they will only attract certain metals, leaving others behind. This is extremely useful for recycling plant purposes, as becomes an easy way to organise and sort through metallic items for recycling.
  • Demolition Clearing: In demolition sites and after land has been cleared for construction; scrap magnets are an ideal tool for getting rid of and carrying scrap metal out of your construction area. It can be a handy tool when you need to start building fast, without obstructions in the way.

Contact Us for a Hydraulic or Scrap Magnet for Sale

If you are searching for a scrap or hydraulic magnet for sale for your construction or demolition company, then contact us at your convenience. We have over two years experience in the selling of scrap metal magnets and other excavator attachments, and even more in the field operating such machinery. We know what Australian companies need for excavating and demolition and are proud to offer you the tools you need. Get in touch to find out more or to ask any questions you still have.



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