Sourcing the Ideal Excavator Buckets, Grabs, and Other Attachments for Your Team in Australia

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Earthmoving works are an important component to many construction and landscaping projects. However, there is not one single solution that works well for all scenarios. In one instance, you might need to break up an old concrete slab to prepare for construction, while in another your crews will need to move logs and boulders out of the way to prepare a site. It’s likely that you already own one or several earthmovers to make this process simpler, but equipping them with the right excavator attachments will transform them into the truly multi-purpose tools you need. AR Equipment is here to deliver solutions for your business that will open doors and streamline jobs now and well into the future.

Choosing excavator grabs in Australia requires a thorough understanding of the working conditions your equipment and its operators will face. With a decade and a half of industry experience behind us, AR Equipment can provide clear, concise assistance to our clients based on the work you expect to complete. Innovations in some of our products, such as our log grabs, extend the usable life of the hardware and protect them from damage. As you browse the attachments we make available, consider a few of the key reasons to make our team your source this vital equipment.

Building for tomorrow requires the right equipment

First, quality is our top priority. This means you can trust that when you purchase one of our excavator buckets in Australia, things “just work.” Strong construction, the right materials, and experience in real-world use cases allow us to create products that stand up to the conditions you will face on the job. When that task is something like breaking up and digging into rocky soil, your operators deserve equipment that won’t cause delays.

Next, we deliver superb post-sales support. Instead of selling buckets and vanishing, we prefer to cultivate long-term and supportive client relationships. We are not only able to provide in-house repairs, but we ensure you can operate with peace of mind by delivering a 12-month warranty. During this period, you are protected against many faults that may arise during operation.

Finally, many of our attachments are simply better than other options on the market. Consider log grabs that do not feature strong, sturdy tines for gripping. As soon as your operator encounters a weighty piece of debris, the tips could bend and bread. Our box tine design yields a grab that can stand up to harsh working conditions.

Explore your choices for excavator attachments in Australia now

Achieving good outcomes in construction or contracting work starts with the right tools. At AR Equipment, we are proud to offer many attachments that perform with a high level of reliability. No matter the specific tool you need, finding it with our help is easy. For answers to questions about any of our buckets and other attachments, or to discuss arranging an equipment acquisition, contact our team at your convenience.



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