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Our world is rich with building materials, yet sometimes in order to use them they have to be broken down. We make fire with wood that we chop and sticks that we cut, this is quite easy, but unfortunately we don’t have the human strength to do the same with rocks and other solid materials.

We need machines that work and function properly to create the possibility of this conversion, which is why it’s important for things to function well and do the jobs they were made for properly.

AR Equipment is based on the Sunshine Coast, consisting of a team with 15 years of experience in the industry, we sell rock breakers in Brisbane as well as any other recycling equipment across Australia. We have over thirty years combined experience with hydraulics, scrap metal, demolition, earthmoving and land clearing.

Our Rock Breakers in Brisbane:

  • Are designed in Korea to the highest quality standards
  • Are straightforward to use
  • Come standard with two moils, a chisel type and a pointed type
  • Include hoses
  • Are serviced in-house at our workshop
  • Come with a 12-month parts warranty
  • We also keep spares in stock



Our Ram Grabs:

  • Feature our Single RAM design, which protects the cylinder
  • Make more power
  • Attachment weights are kept correct for machine size without compromising design strength
  • Are better protected than our competitors, making our design more efficient and increasing longevity

Our team is focussed on bringing you the best quality for your money, so contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.



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