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You know that there’s a tremendous amount of work involved in earthmoving projects, and having the right equipment makes the difference just as much as having the right crew. Considering the market out there, you must shuffle through many different options as to which attachments you get for your machines to do the right job. These can run the gamut from shoddy, cheap pieces of equipment that break far too soon and require replacement at seriously inconvenient times to incredibly pricey attachments that, while they do a fantastic job and last for a long time, can stretch the budget when you need to get to work right away.

It’s no surprise that the middle of the road, solid and sturdy equipment that fits the budget is the way to go when it comes to earthmoving attachments for Perth’s successful businesses. AR Equipment concentrates on good-to-great excavator equipment backed with the sales service necessary to get you the right tools for the job. Excavator jobs are big enough already but we’ll make sure that your equipment is the last thing you’re worried about when planning the project.

The Right Earthmoving Attachments at the Right Prices

AR Equipment makes no compromise on the quality of our earthmoving and excavator buckets. We are committed to providing the best service to back up solid, reliable equipment. We intend to give you the peace of mind of having something that works for you. We offer a variety of attachments for different uses, including sieve/skeleton buckets and general purpose buckets.

We used the most effective techniques in designing and building our equipment. Rather than just relying on existing designs and reselling them, AR Equipment is dedicated to creating solutions to get the job done.

We know you’re the expert when it comes to your business and knowing the kind of work that you’re doing. That’s why you can browse all our options for excavator attachments in Perth for easy access and study. However, there are times where you want a second opinion, and that’s when you can lean on our staff’s 15 years of real industry experience to use as a sounding board when making the right decision.

Excavator Buckets for Perth-based Businesses and Beyond

We’re proud of the products that we offer and the service that supports it. It’s this combination that truly distinguishes us from other suppliers. We stand by every piece of equipment that leaves our facility and provide in-house service on any work that you might need.

AR Equipment’s location on Sunshine Coast is ideally located to ship Australia-wide, from Brisbane to Perth. We’re proud to be an Australian family owned and operated business, and do our best to provide the cheapest freight we can for the most cost-effective, super reliable equipment. You’re in our house when you contact us, and we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the smoothest and simplest service possible.



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