Make the Most of Your Excavator with a Hydraulic Hammer or Breaker or with Hydraulic Grabs for Sale at AR Equipment

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Adding or upgrading excavators in your construction fleet is an investment you don’t take lightly. To do your work well, you need a machine that matches the work it’s supposed to do. Nearly every type of construction project requires land clearing, excavation and grading, but certain excavators excel in their duties when you deploy them for commercial and residential building, while others are best for road and bridge infrastructure. Do you specialise in demolition projects? Buy the suitable excavator for maximum productivity and a minimum risk of premature wear and tear.

To get the most productivity from your excavator, however, investing in quality attachments is just as vital. Coupling your machine with a suitable attachment can mean a tremendous saving of your entire machine’s operating time. In many situations, the difference will also clearly show on your fuel bills. The right choice of attachment may also allow you to do your job in a limited workspace, which is nowadays often the prime requirement to acquire a contract. Do specific environmental framework conditions constrain your project? With the right attachments on your excavator, you can handle them.

Robust yet lightweight hydraulic grabs for sale

At AR Equipment, you’ll find excellent hydraulic grabs for sale. While you need to take your time before deciding which excavator to buy, our grabs can take any log work, rock work or general grab duties thanks to their large opening and jaw depth and well-positioned hosing. We are continually improving our designs and can now offer you our Single RAM model for the range between 1.7 and 8 tonnes. While twin ram grabs often have vulnerable hoses and cylinders, our high-powered cylinder is better protected and provides more strength.

Tackle any hard material with an AR Equipment hydraulic hammer

For our grabs, our standards are high, but we maintain the same level of level of professional competence for our other attachments. Are you looking for a hydraulic hammer for sale? At AR Equipment, you’ll find simple and robust breakers, designed to reduce complexity, ensuring a long lifespan and easy, low-cost maintenance. Our rock breakers come standard with a chisel type moil and a pointed type moil. Hoses are included as well. Our prices are highly affordable too, especially considering the quality you’ll get for your money.

Be sure to adjust the energy and frequency ratio depending on the material you need to break. Fractured rock or blank firing is different from compact rock or other hard materials. Keep this simple fact in mind, and no matter what the price is of our hydraulic breaker for sale, it will be money well spent.

We’re not sitting still

At AR Equipment, we’re not just selling our equipment mindlessly, and then twiddling our thumbs. We exert ourselves to offer our customers both pre-sales and after-sales service. All attachments come with a 12-month parts warranty. We’re always happy to help with advice and tips, but we also value your feedback. So never hesitate to contact us. With your information, we can improve the design of our products. Thanks to this, they’ll decrease the wear and tear of your excavator, improving productivity drastically.



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