For Demolition Done Efficiently, Buy Your Excavator Bucket, a Hydraulic Hammer or Breaker at AR Equipment

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In the demolition, dismantling, earthmoving, and decontamination industry, you want to be the most competent contractor, offering rapid and efficient services. You strive to expand your business and aim to win the contracts for greater challenges, targeting to bring a solution to the most diverse needs. Safety, health and the environment are just as important to you. You want to handle soil of any kind, including hazardous waste, possibly even asbestos.

The bigger or more complex the project, the more versatile, high-quality excavator and suitable attachments you are likely to need. Choosing a suitable excavator, or building a fleet of machines, each best suited for specific tasks does not just require clever budget handling but also intensive thinking and planning. The same applies to the attachments, once you’ve made your purchase.

Follow the best contractors’ example and buy your excavator bucket and hydraulic breaker at AR Equipment

Every project is different, but with a well-chosen excavator and the correct attachment, you can handle this. Both small and large contractors, therefore, rely on AR Equipment. We offer high-quality materials at a competitive price plus excellent customer service both before buying and afterwards. Our 15 years industry experience allows us to assist both experienced constructors and newcomers with useful advice.

Indeed, the second reason why our clients keep coming back to us is because our solutions are sensible and valid. Are you planning to buy a demolition hammer for a specific project, and do you want to be sure that the size you have in mind will fit the task to be done? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. While our excavator attachments are fairly-priced, especially considering their quality, our advice is always free. Our tips and tricks of the trade are always given with a smile, even if you intend to buy that hydraulic hammer much later.

Consider, for example, that if you buy a hydraulic breaker, it’s been designed to withstand substantial abuse. Nonetheless, certain operating mistakes can shorten its operating life expectancy drastically. While our designs can minimise damage if, and when, misuse occurs, it’s better to avoid it in the first place. Realise that certain attachments are manufactured with a specific purpose only. Also, train your operators to adopt good practices. It isn’t hard, since these are usually based on common sense anyway. Should the worst happen nonetheless, and your attachment requires repair, we also carry spares and we service in-house. With AR Equipment, you don’t need to fret about getting your project done within the deadline.

AR Equipment creating solutions to get the job done

Whether you buy an excavator bucket at AR Equipment, a hydraulic hammer, a powerful magnet, concrete pulverisers, or our excellent Single ram grabs, you can count on 12 months of warranty. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we transport our attachments Australia-wide at an ultra-low fare. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re there for you.



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