Finding Something That Just Works: Count on AR Equipment for Hydraulic Hammer Rock Breakers and Other Earthmoving Attachments in Australia

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When someone asks us to explain how AR Equipment standards apart from other similar businesses, our response is extremely simple, but also extremely important: sometimes, it’s nice to have something that just works. We deliver an array of earthmoving attachments to construction companies, engineering firms and earthmoving contractors throughout Australia. Our clients, in other words, are businesses that have a lot to think about and no time to deal with equipment that is hard to use or doesn’t work like it’s supposed to work. When we deliver our earthmoving attachments in Australia, our customers always know they are getting their hands on something that is just going to work, with no fuss or troubleshooting necessary.

Why Choose AR Equipment?

At AR Equipment, we know we aren’t the only company that sells hydraulic hammers in Australia. We also know that we are not occupying the ‘top of the line,’ at least regarding pricing. Some companies sell earthmoving attachments at a price point above ours and companies that sell earthmoving attachments at a price point below us. In a lot of ways, we occupy the happy medium: delivering quality products at extremely competitive prices.

However, we also don’t want to have a reputation for being a ‘middle of the road’ provider of these earthmoving attachments in Australia. On the contrary, our goal is to make it so that construction companies and earthmoving contractors don’t have to go for the high-end price point. We want to offer excellent products and service so reliable that it renders our earthmoving attachments a worthy choice for any company that decides to do business with us.

The first factor that allows us to deliver on this promise is our experience. AR Equipment has been operating for two and a half years, but we have 15 years of experience in this industry. We have been around for long enough to know what the customers in our target market are looking for and to be able to meet those needs every single time.

The other big factor that elevates AR Equipment to the next level is our after sales service and support. If you choose us as your supplier for rock breakers in Australia, you won’t just be getting a solid product. On the contrary, you will also be paying for an ongoing business relationship—one where you can feel comfortable reaching out to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns about your attachment. Our hydraulic rock breakers also come backed with 12 months of warranty protection. If something does go wrong with your attachment in that first year, just let us know. We have spares, so we can provide you with a replacement unit while we fix your original. We carry out all repairs and servicing in-house to guarantee full transparency, quick results, and absolute quality control.

Work with AR Equipment to Get Your Hydraulic Hammers in Australia Today

When you choose hydraulic rock breakers from Australia’s AR Equipment—or any other earthmoving equipment, for that matter—you get something that just works, from the very first time you use it. To learn more about AR Equipment and the promises that we make to our customers, contact us today.



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