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In life, one of the most satisfying things for any person is something that works – it may sound simple and watered down, but when it comes to the basics, we just want things to work the way they should.

AR Equipment believes in quality lasting well after purchase, it’s not helpful for you to buy equipment that has to be returned after minimum use. We ensure that the quality of our products exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our excavator grabs are for sale in Australia, and we create solutions to get the job done efficiently. We have been operating as AR Equipment for two and a half years on Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

Excellent, Cost-Effective Magnets

Our magnets are unique, specifically our 12volt and 24volt magnets. They are a revolutionary step forward in scrap metal and demolition handling. They can be moved from machine to machine with ease, providing more hydraulic power at a cheaper price.

Ram Excavator Grabs for Sale in Australia

Our log grabs have a large opening and jaw depth, and with well-positioned hosing they are ideal for log or rock work. Our competitors run twin ram grabs with vulnerable hoses and cylinders. However, our single 1.7-8 ton range features our unique Single Ram design which protects the cylinder, producing more power which works incredibly well.

We also have excavator attachments for sale in Australia, so if you would like to know more about our equipment, contact us and we will happily answer your query about any of our equipment.



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