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With 15 years of industry experience, the AR Equipment team understands the needs of the business. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with better grabs for your money when you need something reliable but don’t want to break the bank. The physics behind our rock breakers for Adelaide earthmoving and construction companies tell the reason why.

Hydraulic rock breakers for Adelaide earthmoving

We use a particular design of rock breaker to stand above the standard. We use easy to understand and straightforward models so that you know what you’re getting and can make the informed choice. We also send our breakers out standard with both chisel and pointed moils. We’re so confident in the strength and integrity of our hydraulic rock breakers that Adelaide businesses enjoy protection with our 12-month parts warranty.

If anything breaks, we’ve got the spares, and we service our rock breakers in-house. Our years of operation and experience make us a company that will remain with you and provide excellent service after the sale.

Solutions to get the job done

As a business owner or operator, you’re a busy person and need to get the team moving. Cut down the wasted time by leaning on us to ensure you’ve got the right tools for the job. It’s a great feeling to have something that just works, and that’s how we’ll create a solution for you to get the job done. Contact us today to get moving yesterday.



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