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Why buy an AR Auger Drive?

We’ve listened to the complaints of customers about competitor’s flimsy auger flights and weak wear tips, and designed our augers ready to hit rock and work hard from the get go.

Rather than selling cheap augers for light soil conditions (meaning no rocks or obstructions) at AR we know most digging isn’t like that at all! That’s why our augers are already equipped with rock earth teeth and pilots and heavier auger flights and tubes. So, when the going gets tough, as it so often does, AR augers will get going!

Drive Units

AR Auger Drives have been put together with the highest quality seals, planetary gears and motors and all come with a 2-year warranty. Rest assured when you buy AR, you’re buying a cut above.

After Sales

AR stocks a large range of spares and wear parts, and we service all of our equipment in house. We make sure your equipment is going to last, and our in-house workshop is ready to take care of your needs!


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