Are You Looking for a Dependable Rock Breaker in Sydney? Trust AR Equipment for a Reliable Solution

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For tasks as versatile as mining, demolition or reduction in the size of rock debris or boulders, hydraulic rock breakers provide an effective and intuitive solution. In many cases, projects cannot proceed until rock breaking has taken place. As such, it is always crucial for rock breakers to be reliable, easy to use and capable of performing heavy-duty tasks. At AR Equipment, our rock breakers in Sydney meet all these criteria and then some.

We understand the time-sensitive needs that many builders, demolition teams and earthmoving contractors have when it comes to rock breaking tools. We also know how much an unreliable rock breaker can delay a project or add unplanned expenses to the ledger for contractors and earthmoving teams. Our goal, with our rock breakers, was to provide a no-fuss solution at a competitive price point so that our customers could focus their attention and energies elsewhere.

We believe we succeeded in that goal. Our rock breakers are built to the highest standards without straying into unaffordable price ranges. They are extremely easy to understand and use, even with minimal training or experience—a feature that paves the way for full worksite efficiency and productivity. They come with everything you need to get started—including chisel moils, pointed moils and all necessary hoses. Finally, they come backed by a 12-month warranty and can be fully serviced locally at our workshop.

Simply put, if you are seeking a rock breaker in Sydney and want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth, you can’t go wrong with AR Equipment. Contact us today to learn more.



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